Love Me Back, Taboo Office Erotica

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Love Me Back, Taboo Office Erotica Lauren Macklusky was a well-behaved woman who always carried herself with high esteem. She despised embarrassments and always avoided getting any; she was a perfect wife who always kept the house clean and knew just the right dishes to prepare for her husband. She was an amazing cook, her neighbors always came to her for cookery lessons, and the dinner parties she organized were just perfect. She had problems with her husband because she could not keep up with his sexual needs; she had no idea what her husband’s problem was but he complained about her perfection all the time and every time they made love she was always careful not to ruin her hair or stain the sheets and that made her husband very uncomfortable. He sought for another woman’s attention and ran into Amber Wilson who was a high-class prostitute but she had her customers at her home. Lauren asked for a divorce when she found out about the affair but she decided to get back at him and so she started an affair with the pharmacist, David. Their marriage got out of hand but she managed to fix it.

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