Love Potion No. 1

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Love Potion No. 1 is a three-book anthology of contemporary erotic romances that are packed with hot erotic pleasures. Contains these popular stories: Past Present, Urban Cougar, and Break It To Love. Past Present An age-play, contemporary erotic romance, packed with pleasure. Eleanor and Matthew explore each other through a series of wicked erotic games and sexy tasks that stimulate her desire for submission, spanking and other pleasures, which she shares through her diaries. As their relationship develops, Matthew revisits his past and reveals his early learning at the hands of an older woman, triggering an awakening that shapes his future with Eleanor. Urban Cougar Predatory, rich, and ruthless, bisexual, Kat Francis fills her hedonistic existence with bondage and domination sex games uncomplicated by love or commitment. She surrounds herself with men and women who indulge her every desire without question until her daughter’s marriage introduces Kat to new, unconquered territory. Break it to Love Predictable expat, forty-something alpha male, Scott Worth, bumps into Sara, a girl he lusted after at school and instantly regrets accepting her invitation to a barbecue. But when he meets Sara's younger sister, Lizzie, he realises that London may have something to offer after all.

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