Craving His Attention

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Paige Turner is the keeper of The Angel Falls Library Files, a journal of taboo secrets. The first entry focuses on Paige's own sexual awakening, guided by the loving hand of Adam and the watchful eye of Brenda. Together, all three try to navigate through the forbidden intimacies that begin to form, paving the way toward further exploration of desires that simmer in each. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Adam opened the door and saw his wife sitting up in the bed, book in hand, none the wiser that his wife was spying on him spying on Paige just seconds earlier. “Oh, you're still awake,” he said nonchalantly. “I thought I heard you coming up a little while ago,” Brenda replied, trying to sound as equally nonchalant. “I did. I thought I heard something in Paige's room, and peeked in to check it out.” Well, at least he was being partially honest, Brenda thought as he stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed. “Is everything okay?” she asked, setting the book down on the nightstand and positioning herself onto her side to face him. “Yeah. She must have been having a dream or something.” Brenda looked at him, half tempted to press him on the issue. Adam looked up at her, and Brenda could see the desire still lingering somewhat in his eyes. As much as Brenda wanted to coax more out of him concerning what he saw, there was a burning in her own gut that she wanted to satisfy. She leaned in to lightly kiss her husband, letting her hand wander down his chest and over the bulge in his boxers. “Hmmm, feels like somebody's in a mood,” she said, trying to sound seductive, but she could tell a slight tinge of suspicion was bleeding through. “Why wouldn't I be in a mood, laying next to such a beautiful and sexy woman?” A part of her was a tad irate that he wasn't quite telling her the whole truth of why he was excited, but she appreciated his effort in sincerely wanting to make her feel desired, which she did. Even after being married for twenty years, their sex life was still good, in fact quite wonderful. She knew he still found her desirable, and it wouldn't be the first time he ever got turned on by someone else and directed that arousal toward her. In fact, more often than not it turned her on as well. The fact that his arousal was brought on by Paige, however, was a different matter. She found herself wanting to squelch it, then again she didn't.

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