A Phony Love Affair


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Six and Orange thought it was going to be easy for two phones who love each other to be together, but when their masters break up, they are ruthlessly pulled apart. Now they must battle all the odds against them in order to be together... even if it means creating suspicions about their masters' faithfulness towards their new partners. Will the love between these two phones prevail? This short story contains seductive pick up lines such as "I wish I could be in your hotspot," "Can you feel me connecting with you, baby?" and "I want to hit your pound button all day long." ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "I don't even know who Six is!" my master insisted, her eyes filling up with tears as she watched her boyfriend go through me. "Oh, don't play coy with me," he said, scrolling through the text messages that I had been exchanging with Six. I had gotten bad at covering my tracks. Our conversations were damning. I knew my master was screwed when he got to the sexting. He laughed, "I want to recharge my batteries with you and make me full again? What the fuck is this?!" "Let me see that! I swear I didn't write that!" Lindsay screamed and tried to reach for me, but he was faster. He backed away from her and continued reading out loud. "I wish I could be in your hotspot? Can you feel me connecting with you, baby?! I can't deal with this," he said, tossing me on the soft bed until I slide over and fell onto the floor. Lindsay looked dumbstruck as she picked me up and read through my conversation with Six.

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