Confessions of my Nephew

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Stacy is concerned about Derrick’s recent sullen behavior, and prompts him to confide in her. After he reveals his forbidden dreams and desires for a woman he can’t have, Stacy offers to soothe his obsession by offering herself as a substitute. The results lead them both on an unexpected journey to a kind of love neither knew existed. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Dreams?” My eyes widened in surprise. “You've had more than one?” That made him look away again, and nod his head in churning shame. Growing excitement began to tingle through my belly. “How many dreams have you had?” “Three…so far,” he mumbled. Oh, God, why was I getting so incredibly horny? What kind of pervert was I? “Do you want to tell me about them?” I asked, trying very hard to keep my rising passion hidden. He managed a faint laugh. “Do you really want to know?” By that point, I could barely even think straight! “That’s up to you, Derrick,” I said, trying to sound casual about it. “But maybe it would help to just get it all out in the open.” It took him a moment to gather his courage. Then he admitted, “Well…the first time, I was in my bedroom, lying on my bed. She was sitting beside me, stroking my hard…” He smiled a little. A shockwave of hot lust surged through me. “The second dream,” he continued, “took place in the kitchen. We were standing in front of the sink, and she was stroking me into the sink, using dish soap as a lubricant.” Then he flushed a little, and lifted one shoulder in an embarrassed shrug. “Yeah…that's why I acted so weird in the kitchen today.” I managed a breathless laugh, and rubbed his shoulder in a soothing caress. It relaxed him even more; his frightened expression had almost completely disappeared. “The last dream I had took place in the bathroom,” he murmured in a dreamy voice. “I was taking a bath, and she was washing me with soap, gliding her hand up and down, making me feel so good!” Blissful pleasure glazed his eyes as he gazed off into the distance, lost in the exquisite fantasy. Then he snapped back to reality with a jolt, and buried his face in his trembling hands. “What am I supposed to do with these thoughts and feelings? Most of the time I can dismiss them, but sometimes they just drive me absolutely crazy!” Then he glanced back up at me, and a trace of renewed worry creased his forehead. “You’re not going to tell her, are you?” “No.” My brain was whirling in a thousand different directions, but on that point, I was absolutely certain. “No way.” I didn’t even want to think about what her reaction would be! At the same time, I ached for him, and longed to find some way of easing his frustration. But what could I do? It wasn’t like I could… Or maybe I could! The sudden idea made my breath catch in mingled shock and fierce hunger. Did I dare? It would be so incredibly wicked…and yet, irresistible! My throat felt so dry, as my heartbeat spiked into overdrive, that I could barely even rasp his name. “Derrick?” “Yeah?” He barely even muttered it as his eyes closed in churning frustration. I felt like I was dreaming. Maybe I was. It felt so totally surreal as I blurted, “I know I'm not her, but… What if I offered to…relieve you?”

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