A First Time For Everything

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Janie has never been touched before. Even the light brush of her crush's hand against hers sends her heart racing. So when this ultra-conservative girl sets out to lose her innocence, she has no idea what's in store for her - in every hole. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ I move to open the door, but I’m stopped by Josh’s hand covering mine before I turn the handle. There it is again. His hand touching mine. His skin seems even hotter this time. My breath catches in my throat as I see the look in his eyes. It’s that dark, heavy intensity again that I felt in the car when he was staring at my lips. He’s standing so close I’m afraid to breathe. He leans in. I stand, paralyzed, unsure what to do with my face as one single thought screams through my brain: He’s going to kiss me! The fire that sparks inside me when his lips press against mine takes the breath out of me. It’s over in a split second, just a chaste brush of the lips, but the burning lingers.

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