April's Fool

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Professor Ford is a stuffy, pompous, middle-aged academic devoted to an obscure, esoteric corner of his field. He knows that sex with a student is unethical and out of the question—and love with anyone, student or not, isn't even something he can consider. But when vibrant April takes one of his courses, he finds himself skating perilously closer and closer to that forbidden line… ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Nevertheless, it was with some trepidation that I arrived early in my numerical analysis class the next day. After the previous day's misstep, I was edgy, but I still wanted to see April. Of course, I enjoyed watching from my habitual perch at the front of the room as her delightful female body settled into its seat in the center of the first row. I was even more entranced that day than usual, because, for the first time since I'd become acquainted with her, she was wearing a skirt—a short skirt. And she contrived to show me bare thigh—a lot of bare thigh—as she seated herself. I think I managed to conceal my lechery. I didn't let my eyes bulge (very much) nor my jaw drop (very far); other members of the class seemed unaware. But, as she came to rest in her seat, knees together, legs uncrossed, I raised my eyes to look at her face. She was looking directly at me. There was the sneaky little smile—the one I'd seen when she'd confessed wanting to kiss me. She knew I'd been looking up her skirt! And that little smirk told me that she'd planned that she would make a display, that I would look, that she would catch me, and that she approved! As I digested this bit of information, her smile deepened and she separated her knees a bit—quite a bit. Reflexively, my gaze dropped to the resulting sight of her yellow panties.

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