A Taste Of Things To Come

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The apocalypse can change people. Having just narrowly escaped a few reminders of this, Garland, Nathan, and Cooper are about to realize they can't escape their new reality. Another survivor joins them along the way. A girl around Cooper's age who seems to have made it on her own, or so she says. Tonight, the group may finally catch a break for the first time they can remember... Or will they? Something's watching. Many things wander the shadows at night, but a particularly intense gaze is watching... Waiting... Wanting... ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Please…” “Please what?” He traced her bellybutton with his thumb as his hand sunk below her jeans. The tips of his fingers teasingly play along the edge of her panties. She gasped, the look of shock on her pretty face making him grin. “I…” He reluctantly pulled his hand away from her pants, pulling her to him again to silence her with a hungry kiss. He stole her breath, the kiss commanding. “You are mine.” He whispered against her soft lips. He pulled back just enough so he could stare down at her. What little light there was glittered in her eyes. Her glasses made her look sweet, innocent. She was deadly with a weapon but when it was just the two of them she was fragile and delicate. She was pinned in place by the intensity of his gaze. Any other time the look on his face would have seemed dangerous but she knew he was no threat to her. He would kill to protect her and keep her safe from harm but he would never do anything to hurt her. That didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy being the one in control. She gave no sign of wanting him to stop as he began to undress her. He started with the long jacket, letting it fall to the ground as he pulled it down her arms. She gave him a little smile as he pulled at the shirt underneath, raising her arms to help him as he unburdened her of her top. His breath caught as he unveiled the luscious body underneath the layers. She shook her hair free, arching her back as she raised her arms to push her hair away from her face. The movement was knowing and cunning. It allowed him to get an eyeful of her curves. He stared. He barely breathed as the goddess before him dropped her hands to her hips, giving him a playful smile as she subtly shifted her chest to give him the best possible view. Beautiful, naughty tease. She liked being looked at. She liked being admired. He licked his lips. “Get on your knees.” She smiled and did as she was told, kneeling before him as a few raindrops made their way through the maze of leaves overhead and splattered along her bare shoulders and face. A few adventurous drops dared to land on the swell of her chest and she softly laughed as she raised a hand to wipe at them. She locked eyes with him and put the tips of her fingers against her lips, sucking them into her mouth with a small moan as her eyes closed. Just a taste of things to come.

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