Attack Hitler's Bunker!: (The RAF secret raid to bomb Hitler's Berlin Bunker that never happened - probably)

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Get THREE THRILLERS – FREE > An RAF squadron flies into the jaws of death to find one man. Richard Earlgood, maverick RAF fighter pilot, and Michael Dorfmann, an ambitious Luftwaffe double-agent, plan a daring daylight attack on Adolf Hitler himself in this war thriller. This single raid to bomb Hitler’s Bunker could win the war, but only one man can win the heart of Anna, the sultry Station X decoder who brought them both together. Richard's audacious plan which will test his new squadron of crack pilots to their limits, but can Dorfmann be trusted to play his part? Fans of 633 Squadron and The Dam Busters will love this white-hot roller-coaster ride through the streets of Wartime Berlin on a bombing mission that will make your hair stand on end! All profits from sales of this book until 10 September 2015 will go to The Stirling Aircraft Project Charity, a project to build a Short Stirling front fuselage section from as many original parts as possible, in commemoration of the people who designed, built flew and maintained this historic aircraft. Sample Martin put the Stirling into a gentle dive and let her build up speed to her maximum of 255 mph. “You know, with these short wings, she’s no good at heights and not so good at many things... but she is good at this... Ha! Ha!” With that, he pushed the throttles suddenly forward and turned the steering wheel on top of the column to the right. The Stirling executed a complete, elegant roll and came back to level flight. “You can’t do that in a Lancaster!” Richard’s eyes were popping out of his head. “But! You mad bugger! You’re not supposed to do that! It’s not supposed to be possible!” “I know. There’s some chap actually loops a Lancaster though. We need to keep up! And she’s quite good at this too!” With that he executed a barrel-roll and again came back to level flight before executing another one, in the opposite direction. This time he held her upside down for a few seconds and loose items in the cockpit fell from the floor to the canopy, floating past their faces and random directions as he put her into a slight, inverted dive. “Stop it Martin! You’ll kill us!” “Ha! A-ha! That’s it for now. Some boys actually looped a Sunderland so that should be possible too but I never tried it yet.” “You’re mad! No more. I need to check on Archie. Keep her steady, okay?” “Fine.” Richard clambered down through the opening in the control panel, to where he could see Archibald prone on the floor. He had pressed his face against a brown paper bag and was retching. Richard shook his shoulders. “You alright, Archie” Archibald turned around, face was white with terror.

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