Baseball Annie

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Sylvia Jones has always been sexually attracted to baseball players. When a major league franchise transfers to her home town, she has her chance to make her dreams come true and become a groupie without interfering without the rest of her life. On her first night, things work out even better than she could possibly have expected. The sex is better and more varied than Sylvia has ever known and it gets even more exciting after that. Excerpt Just as his tongue finished cleaning off the rest of the delectable treat, an idea came to him. “Did you ever see the sunset over the desert?” he asked. “No. I’ll bet it’s beautiful though.” She had seen the sunset, of course, but only from street level and Sylvia believed the sight would be quite spectacular from the balcony of the high rise hotel. “Then let me show it to you,” he suggested, while helping the sexy brunette get to her feet. Bill had been on the balcony a few weeks earlier, admired the sunset, and not thought much of it after that. His teammates felt the same way – they were there for hot sex with groupies, not to admire the view. However, he believed their sight-seeing would be a way to keep Sylvia with him while he thought of some way to extend their exclusive time together, perhaps finding a vacant spot on one of the three beds in the suite.

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