Dominated & Denied

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Hello, reader. I have decided to make my journal public for you to enjoy. You'll be treated to the depths of my BDSM lifestyle, through all the ups and downs, pain and pleasure, domination and submission, and utter kinky surrender that I have chosen to share with you. Keep your toys and handcuffs close, dear reader. You'll be needing them. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Dear Journal, I assume this will be my first entry of many. Master and I have been exploring some new, perhaps scary, things together recently, and he thought it would be a good idea for me to keep a journal of my feelings and reactions. To make sure nothing gets out of hand, I suppose. Having never really done anything of this nature before, I don't know whether the journal will help, but I accepted his suggestion as an order, so here I am. I asked him to keep one too. I don't think we'll ever read what the other of us has written, but he says the act of talking to someone, even if that someone is just paper, can help keep the often messy emotions under control. I'm not sure where to begin, so I will start by writing about our last session, two nights ago. He stood over me with the flogger in his hand. I knew the short leather straps would whip my skin into a red and white pattern of pain and pleasure in a matter of minutes. We did this frequently enough that the two sensations…pain and pleasure…were starting to feel like the same thing in my mind.

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