Alexandra's Sinful Secrets


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Alexandra Baxter is shocked to discover her nephew has carnal thoughts about her. Then her own body's responses are a further surprise. At first she tries to resist, but what happens next leads to her having to hide some potentially devastating secrets. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ His attention went to the drawers at the side of the bed, a small three-tier arrangement against the wall at the bed’s head. If his aunt used a dildo, that would be as good a place as any to keep it. Glen felt the pressure on his bladder when his trembling fingers reached towards the top drawer. He wished he’d gone for a pee, the need sudden and urgent. Nerves danced in his stomach, elephant’s feet of anxiety stomping about while anticipation was a delicious yet terrifying clutch at his balls. He touched the rounded knob fixed to the drawer’s face, enclosing it with the tips of his fingers before applying gentle pressure to ease the thing open. The shock of it was a cold-water bucketful. The jolt of it brought his mind and body together again. He hadn’t actually expected to find anything at all beyond some underwear or a perhaps a book, something innocuous, and to see the great lump of moulded latex laid there had Glen’s eyes almost out on their stalks. He gaped at it, staring at its surface all criss-crossed with veiny protrusions, its girth and length, its sheer intimidating size, awful to behold. Glen gawped, not believing what his eyes were telling his brain. “Oh shit,” he mumbled, awed and enraptured, fascinated by the incredible find. And he had the thing in his hand, testing its weight when the inevitable happened…

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