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After a disastrous love affair, the last thing Shaw wanted was a new relationship. His friends have other plans. Worried that he will be single forever, they find him the perfect girlfriend, Sally Fairweather. They think she's a pretty city girl who's sick of the hectic corporate life. They're only half right. This short story features an alpha cowboy and a vivacious young woman discovering love. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "How did you get her here?" I asked. "It was surprisingly easy," Kent said with a grin. "She was unhappy with her life in the city so we asked her - well, actually, you asked her to come and visit for a week." I cringed at the naivety of the girl. "She must be an idiot," I murmured. "Shut up, you old grouch." "Here she comes!" The bus brought with it a cloud of dust and dirt. When the door opened, air conditioning rushed out and basked us in the cool warmth. "This is your stop!" the bus driver turned his head and shouted. And she clambered down the bus with all the grace of a newborn calf, big duffel bags weighing down her small form. I didn't know what I expect her to look like, but she certainly wasn't anything I had imagined. She was beautiful in an almost ethereal way. She wore a light cream dress that clung to her curves. The sudden loss of air conditioning made her light-headed and she stumbled a little as she stepped towards us. Her gaze found mine and she stopped looking elsewhere, as if I was the only man alive that meant anything to her. And that meant something considering how good-looking Tony is. Give him ten minutes with a girl and he could talk his way into her pants without a problem. There was a sudden tightness in my chest at the thought of Tony waltzing off with her. I haven't even talked to her and already I felt possessive. When she raised her eyes to meet mine, my world stopped moving. I wanted to say something to her, but my throat was too dry to form coherent words. Brown hair curled around her face as her dark brown eyes stared, almost wistfully at me. She looked frail and tired. I had the overwhelming urge to pick her up and take her home. As our eyes met, hers widened with recognition. I carefully kept my expression unreadable. I didn't want her to find out on the first day that she had been lied to.

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