5 Stories of Forbidden Sex with Daddy

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This 5 story bundle of Daddy-Daughter forbidden fun brings to the page all the Daddy fantasies that every inner brat gushes over. In each story, Daddy comes to the rescue, comforting his princess daughter with his huge cock and a good, hard fucking- just like she asked for! BUNDLE INCLUDES: I Caught Daddy Jerking Off! - When Jessica has a nightmare and wanders into her Daddy's bedroom looking for comfort in the middle of the night, she finds him still awake, and madly stroking his big, beautiful cock. The longer she looks at Daddy pleasuring himself, though, she more she wants to do it for him instead- until she finally gives in to her urges and takes over, giving Daddy all the pleasure he was desperately seeking Daddy Teaches Me How To Fuck - Sara is 18 years old, and has led an extremely sheltered, home-schooled life with her Daddy. She knows that there are things about the world that he hasn't taught her yet, and her natural urges are demanding that she find out. When she finally asks her Daddy about the big bulge in his pants that she notices touching her whenever they cuddle, he decides that it's time for her first grown-up lesson. Daddy Daughter Booty Call - 19 year old Meg just moved out on her own, but when her roommate unexpectedly moves out and her boyfriend dumps her, Meg is left all alone in her new apartment, and she isn't taking it well. When she tearfully calls her Daddy to come over in the middle of the night, he doesn't hesitate to come to his gorgeous daughters rescue. Playing Doctor with Daddy - Samantha hasn't been home to visit her Daddy in the months since she moved out on her own, and when they finally get together for dinner, both of them are feeling a little nostalgic. They decide to play one of their favorite make believe games from when Samantha was a girl - DOCTOR! Only now, the object of the game has taken a turn for the TABOO now that Samantha is all grown up! Comforted by Daddy's Cock - Jackie's Daddy has lusted after his daughter ever since she became a woman. When he catches her masturbating in her room, and crying over her college boyfriend, he decides to show her that Daddy is here to comfort her, with his BIG COCK.

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