Loving My Mother

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DESCRIPTION How would a son admit to having carnal knowledge of his mother? The startling truth might surprise those daring enough to read it. When a widowed mother and son form an intimate unshakable bond, they soon find their taboo thoughts overwhelming. With their forbidden relationship having blossomed into a romance that spans decades, what secrets lie buried in this erotic autobiographical confession? Non-fictional account presented as fiction to protect the guilty. EXCERPT She slept in late the next morning. I checked in on her regularly as she lay sprawled and sleeping soundly. I was downstairs when I heard her finally moving around. Going upstairs, I tapped on her room. “Mom are you all right?” Seconds later the door opened. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were still droopy. “Come in here.” I followed her to the bed and sat beside her. “What did I do last...no...what did WE do last night? I remember coming upstairs, and you were there, I remember taking my dress off, then it’s a blank. Sweetie please don’t tell me we had sex again.” I didn’t know how to answer her. “Mom, look, you had a lot to drink last night...” “Oh Jesus Christ! We did it again, didn’t we? DIDN’T WE?” “Well...yea.” “Goddamn! I am such a total idiot! Sweetheart, I’m sorry. Was I bad to you?” “No mom, it was wonderful, like the other time, only faster and...harder.” I felt ashamed for having said the word. She began to cry. I slid next to her and put my arm around her. “Mom, you’ve said it a thousand times, ‘the only people we have in this world are us’, just us. Mom it can’t be wrong for us to do this. It feels wonderful, you enjoy it, I enjoy it, we don’t harm anyone and no one else will ever know. We have precious little in our lives, this is one thing that we can do for each other.” “But it’s wrong sweetheart, so wrong. Mothers don’t have sex with their sons.” “How do you know? How do you know? Every mother in this town could be having sex with their sons and no one would know about it. Mom, there’s just us to care for each other. Just us, you and me. I love you very much and I absolutely LOVE having sex with you. And, apparently, you like doing it with me. So why should we not do it? Because a bunch of old rules from thousands of years ago say it’s wrong? Maybe it was wrong a thousand years ago but us, we’re here today. What are our choices Mom? I go back to playing with myself in my bed and you just do without? I don’t want that for either of us and I hope you don’t either. She continued sobbing. “Baby I just don’t want to do something that we will regret. You’re so smart and I want to agree with you, but I need to think it over. Right now my head is still full of fuzz and I can’t think. Give me some time.” “Of course mom.”

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