A Daughter's Desire


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DESCRIPTION A Daughter’s Desire is a science-fiction erotica novella. A futuristic furry tale of incestuous seduction and carnal lust. Upon returning from the galactic war, a human father meets his half-human half-ocelot teenage daughter for the first time, and her idea of making up for lost time is more intimate than he ever imagined. EXCERPT I’m admiring the drug-exaggerated twinkling of the stars, visible through the space station’s transparent ceiling, when the hottest piece of half-breed teen pussy I’ve ever seen glides into the lounge. My cock swells at once. Crossed between a human and an ocelot, her large golden cat eyes are reflective. The end of her small upturned nose is pink like her pouty, plump lips. Her rounded feline ears and long tail are covered in sleek reddish-brown fur. Her fair skin is spotted by black rosettes. And her petite body appears nimble. She’s wearing a translucent mini-dress, over luminescent neon-pink bra and panties, with matching grav-sneakers and no socks. Her shoulder-length violet hair is tied into pigtails with black bows, invoking an air of innocence. An everlasting strawberry lolli-pacifier protrudes from the corner of her mouth. Purple holographic angel wings flicker and flutter on her back. And a black tech-collar is around her slim neck, projecting a data halo scrolling around her head. The rousing idea of attaching a leash to her collar flashes from my imagination. I’m titillated by the notion of her on all fours, rubbing against my leg, licking at my feet, whining for a suckle of my prick. My mouth salivates as I gawk. Her buoyant breasts are three times the size they should be for her tiny frame. Obviously hormone induced augmentations. My heart rate speeds as she turns, scanning the crowd for someone, briefly displaying her round bottom to me. Her cheeky panties are strained by her tight cheeks, double the proportion they should be. I’d love to take her over my knee and give her luscious rump a good spanking, before splaying her delicious tush wide to make a meal out of her tender parts. The moment she meets my lustful gaze, a bright smile blooms on her cute face and her data halo dissolves. She hurries over to my booth, pigtails bouncing about, and spits out her pacifier, which dangles in her ample cleavage. The excitement in her tone magnifies the squeakiness of her high-pitched voice. “Hi! Grian Aries? I’m Penumbra. You can call me Penny. Everybody does. Hi!” I stifle my look of surprise with a roll of my blue eyes. “I don’t know what your game is, how you know my name, but I’m waiting for someone, so you better take it somewhere else.” I make a shooing gesture with my cybernetic right arm. She glances at the gunmetal nanosteel of my replacement limb with a flush of glee, her eyes flaring with delight. “Actually, your wife sent me.” It’s possible that Corona had reason to send a courier in place of meeting me here herself as planned. “Right, then you can tell me her name as well?” “Corona Aries.” Her persistent smile disappears, replaced with a lopsided frown. “Well, now it’s Aquarius. Has been for years.” Then it reappears, brighter than before. “Would you like me to recite her ID number too?” I pinch my brow. “Whatta you mean, now it’s Aquarius?” Penumbra gives me a pout, part compassion part pity. “Whatta you think it means, Daddy?

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