Colins Sister, Ketty

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DESCRIPTION After seven years apart, half-siblings, Colin and Ketty Wells, reunite on the sandy beach of a tropical paradise. Out of the blue, her brother had invited her for an impromptu vacation—all expenses paid. Despite her resentments because of how they parted ways, she doesn’t think twice and goes to him. So much has happened and changed in those seven long years, but the one constant throughout their lives remained the same: her secret sexual desires and the love she’s always felt for her handsome brother. Naked and vulnerable on the beach, will her brother finally confess and say the words she’s yearned so long to hear? EXCERPT How did she ever let Colin convince her to sunbathe practically nude? She realized he hadn’t. His easy smile was disarming as ever, too much like a caress; his cool laughter a cloak of sweet affection. When he proposed to sunbathe in the nude, she thought he was just trying to challenge her in some way. Then they arrived on the beach and he slipped off his T-shirt and boardshorts. She found herself stripping, too, but more out of having something else to focus on rather than wanting to be naked or focusing on her brother. She kept her crochet top on, though, because it gave her a sense of still being clothed, although she damned well knew it barely hid a damned thing. She had kept her eyes down in order to keep herself from staring at her brother’s naked cock, but she couldn’t help herself. There were no tan lines on his body, and she was just as relieved as disappointed when he finally rolled onto his stomach. She lay back in mortified surrender to the tide of her own sensations. Initially, as her left hand fingertips closed around her right nipple, she just wanted to find some way to stop its puckering. Then she realized she’d been pulling and rolling the heated knot. It was just this side of slippery from the remaining ointment on her skin. As she lifted and parted her knees, her right hand skimmed tentatively over the tiny, closely trimmed patch of hair at the top of her mound.

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