His Mother's Champion

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Mother-Son love is a volatile dangerous combustion that burns red-hot. When incestuous desire becomes action, it changes the world. "What would you have done?" Brand asks after he discovers his father cheating on Brand’s true love: Stephania, his mother. When his mom sees Brand defend her honor, she knows her son feels the taboo lusts she has. Stephania knows who will be His Mother’s Champion. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Woo…" coming at its conclusion, we whooped it up celebrating. "We did it," I joyfully exclaimed as I hugged my best friend. The ceremonies came to their end. We tossed our caps in the air, marking our graduation. For a moment, there was a sea of crimson red caps with a gold tassel, my university’s colors, in the air. "I’m so proud of you," a seductive sultry voice purred. Turning, I gave the beautiful woman who congratulated me a big hug. Wrapped in my arms, engulfed in my hug, I inhaled deep to breathe her in. With her flowing mane of dark-mahogany chestnut hair tickling my face, first I smelled the familiar scent of her shampoo. I smelt her airy perfume. And beneath, I breathed her familial fragrance. "Wow! You look incredible. You are, without doubt, the sexiest woman here," I proudly complimented—and she had the nerve to blush. She wore a stunning shoulderless rich dark-red dress. Since her dress was crimson, she wore a large, chunky gold necklace to show my university’s colors and flaunt her graceful swan-like neck, firm shoulders and taut arms. With its sweetheart neckline, her dress held in place by its snug-fit complimented her small bust and displayed her thin, lithe upper body. The top of her dress wrapped around her to end in a bow on her right hip with a large gold flowered broach. The form-fitting skirt molded to her tight hips. Its embossed pattern created a sea of motion deliberately drawing attention to how her dress ended mid-thigh atop a pair of beautiful long, powerful sexy legs. To accentuate her statuesque figure, she wore towering-tall red velvet pumps. "Watch it young man," Stephania warned with that lovely smile of hers and her guilty giggle. She tried to pretend to be embarrassed by her son’s compliment, and failed with haughty beauty. "Can I say ‘Thank you?’ This, I, could never come without you coming with me," I admitted, and she blushed, as if embarrassed. "No, I’m serious. No way would anyone have thought this was possible. God, even I have trouble believing it. Yet, look at us now! It was you who made this happen, you showed me how anything is possible; how if you keep at it, it’ll happen; how you gotta work hard at it, and then it’ll come. "I love you," I publicly announced my love for my mother. I grabbed her. "I love you too," Mom admitted. Hugging me tighter, in my ear she whispered, "and tonight I’m gonna…”

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