The Red Tea Detox Honest Reviews: A Super Cleanse or Scam?


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This book is about the red tea detox reviews:

In the book I carefully review the red tea, also known as Rooibos tea or Red bush tea.

Can everyone drink the red tea?
Is it safe to drink it?
Does Rooibos tea have any health benefits or side effects?
Can the red tea truly detox or cleanse your body?
Can you truly lose weight by drinking the red tea?

This book answers all these questions and much more!

I also provide the information you need to help you evaluate the health claims made by the red tea advocates, celebrities and promoters.

I went ahead to provide current scientific evidences that buttress all the facts I make about the red tea in the book. This will help you make the right decision.

So what does the "red tea detox" really do to your body? The answer will surprise you!

If detoxification and weight loss are your primary motivation for drinking Rooibos tea, this book will help you decide if you should ditch or drink red tea!

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