Couldn't Give it a Title

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You read the title of the book and found it to be absurd. Fair enough. Doesn’t it make you more curious to unravel what’s inside?

In the 18 years of my life, I discovered and realized a lot of stuff that’s worth sharing. So here I present before you all, a compilation of all my thoughts, regrets, and realizations propounded with a reader-friendly writing style that would take you on a journey where some pages would make you nod and say “that’s so true” and other pages would remind you of someone from the past or present.

Well, trust me. Even if you are not much of a book lover, you won’t get bored reading this.

Because these are your feelings and experiences too, that I’ve put into words.

To give you a reason for giving this book a shot, I will say that this book has at least one page that you can relate to, my future reader.

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