Covfefe - The Secret Origins

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The Reason for This Book

The mystery of Covfefe was first hinted in a late-night tweet by our President,

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe...”
2:06 a.m., from @realDonaldTrump

What did this mean? The twitter lines burned. News media, formerly consumed with generating fake news for both right and left, now was devoted to finding and exposing the mystery of this sentence fragment.

For my own reasons, I delved into the original translations of the top 100 literary works (on that we have always looked to for diversion and inspiration in times of trouble.

Here the source of this word and its permutations were found.

No longer do you have to cast about for meaning to these seven letters. The secret origins and meanings of “confefe” have now been collated and assembled into a ready reference for your education.

Now you can rest assured that all the world from here forward will know and understand the value of Covfefe in our lives and the effect on our political climate forever.

Perhaps no other word has united this country – for a moment – in humble non-understanding. And that silence was deafening, for a second.

After that, we got back to partisan squabbling and fake news as usual.

But it was fun while it lasted.

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