A Change of Careers


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Ray was a good photographer, but he didn't realize how much fun he was missing out on, until sexy Kita convinced him to take nude pictures of her! ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ Kita had never done anything like this before, so she was a little shy at first. My palms were sweating so hard, I could barely even control my camera. The first pics I took were hopelessly out of focus, I was shaking so badly. Then she started to relax. She had to know how horny I was, and seemed to take an impish delight in teasing me with different positions she knew would turn me on even more. Every different pose encouraged her to try others. She was extremely limber. Kita stared right at my bulging crotch, and licked her lips. “I’m pretending that you’re pushing it in me,” she teased, thrusting the big dildo deeper into her wet depths. “Are you as big as this toy, Ray?”

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