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Toman didn't expect to find any survivors when his spaceship crashed on an abandoned ice planet. But one person had survived the colony's disaster eighteen years ago--and she was the most enchanting creature he'd ever seen! (science fiction, teen, virgin, older man, hardcore sex) ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~ The silvery panels of Toman's spacesuit fell off him in layers, and she carefully set them on the floor. Underneath, he was wearing a shimmering bodysuit. Curious, she ran a finger down the fine linen of his shirt, and felt his muscles jump in response. “I’ve never seen this kind of material before,” she murmured, entranced by its silky texture. “It’s so soft!” The body under his shirt was hard, though, and his chest was broad and muscular. She felt her nerves begin to dance with bizarre sensations. Before she could remove the lower half of his protective suit, he grabbed the waistband and tugged it off himself. His entire bodysuit was made of the same soft material, she realized, staring in fascination. And his body was so strangely shaped! There were no bumps on his wide chest...but there was a big one lower, just where his legs joined together. It jutted straight out beneath the flexible material, and seemed to move up and down by itself. Her throat suddenly felt bone-dry, and her rapid pulse hummed like a well-oiled motor. She felt so peculiar inside! Who would have guessed that meeting a stranger--any stranger--would cause hot tingles to run up and down her spine, and spark a fire in her belly that ached with growing emptiness?

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