A Mother's Sacrifice

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Joanne is frustrated; her husband Bill passed away over a year and a half ago, yet she still can't get comfortable with another man. But that problem is going to take a back seat to a much bigger one. While snooping in Tommy's journal she discovers to her dismay, that not only does he know she needs a man to be good to her, but he wants to be that man! After reading several explicit entries in which Tommy describes how he wants her, Joanne insists that he undergo counseling. But weeks later, nothing is working and things between them are awkward. One night Tommy is so distraught Joanne decides the only way to cure him is to give him what he wants; to sacrifice her body to cure him of his obsession. She realizes she is not afraid at all and her sacrifice is going to cure her as well, because Tommy really does have what she needs.

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