Lex Talionis

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~ A Tale of Incest, Insanity, and Revenge! ~ A brilliant student, gifted martial artist, and the looks to bed any woman he chooses, Mark Phillips has it all. But beneath his success and physical beauty lies a dangerous secret. For what Mark has told no one, not even his sister and forbidden lover, Megan, is he has inherited his father's curse of schizophrenia. Since the age of eleven, Mark has been guided by a voice in his head. Without the Voice, Mark could have never survived the years of abuse he endured at the hands of his coke-addicted foster father, Max Thompson. When Mark came to live with Megan and her family, the Voice was no longer present all the time. But now that Megan has succumbed to the siren call of cocaine and alcohol, and vanishing for months at a time, Mark finds the Voice is back to help him get through. As always the Voice was under Mark’s control, until he encounters Max in a bar. Max has caused Mark a lot of pain over the years and the bloodthirsty entity in Mark’s mind plans on making him pay for every bit of it.

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