His Loving Little Sister

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DESCRIPTION Robin and Brent are the closest of siblings–struggling to find a kindred spirit. Plagued by their powerful emotions and overwhelming urges, these two siblings are about to journey into the forbidden. When this brother and sister find their bond goes much deeper than the love others experience, their taboo yearning grants them a perverse sense of satisfaction. Will their sexual exploits be enough to calm the pressure of family, friends, and society itself? EXCERPT Robin hated herself as she felt the pleasure building and building in her loins, but she couldn't deny the delicious friction of his prick against the tight slippery walls of her cunt. She suddenly realized that she was excitedly anticipating each thrust of his plunging dick. "Doesn't this feel good?" he panted as he humped over the girl. "No," she sobbed. "I hate it! I hate it!" Jason grinned to himself, knowing she was enjoying it from the way she was unconsciously squirming her twat around his prick. He knew that from now on he could enjoy her little body anytime he desired her. The intense ecstasy was mounting in Robin's writhing body as her tight little cunt walls grasped and sucked against his deliciously hard cock. She now fully realized that her finger was no substitute for a man's big dick, and as much as she hated her crude stepfather, she was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her. "D'ya like it?" he grunted between plunges. "Sorta," she reluctantly admitted. "That's the girl," panted Jason, driving his cock still deeper into her writhing little belly. The pleasure mounted and mounted as her cunt juices flowed hotly around his big pistoning prick. Every vein and sinew on his thick gnarly cock was rubbing deliciously against the tight walls of her widely stretched fuck-hole. "Oh, God," she sobbed, clutching him in her arms as she writhed her hot dripping slit up around the base of his shaft...

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