A Pleasant Mistake


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DESCRIPTION Caroline is an intern in her family owned multi-billion industry. Unlike the stick and bones females of present time, she is a full bodied curvy woman, but still unattached. Her mother decides she needs help with her self confidence. Caroline is also recruited to help with her mother's perceived problem with her husband. Father and daughter are sent to a vacation away from the stress of the work to Maldives. Caroline and her father make most of a genuine misunderstanding. EXCERPT I came to gasping and found myself buried under the warm safe crushing weight of my father. I felt his mouth kissing me all over my face. Daddy's cock was still embedded in my pussy. I was not surprised to find it rock hard and throbbing. “Thanks dad,” I whispered in shy manner, given the circumstances, “by the feel of a hard monster throbbing inside my pussy, it seems my dad is going to love me more.” Daddy kissed the tip of my nose (Dad says my beautiful nose smiles as I do, I have no idea how that would be apparent, but I believe him. I do know my father is fascinated with my nose along with other things.), “Caro, this is just a start. I want to love you all night. I hope I did not disappoint you.” “NO!” I screamed and then blushed ay my brazenness, “Dad, it was unbelievable. I want to do it again and again. I want you to show me everything you do with mom. Would you please?” I widened my eyes as I do when I plead with my dad, knowing fully well he will not refuse. Daddy kissed my nose and said in his heavy low voice with a slight edge, “Everything, Caro?’ If there was some a subtle warning, I missed it and said, with a beaming, smile, “Everything Daddy, everything.”

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