A Taste Of Dunwich

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An anthology of tales by four Italian wordsmiths, ranging from horror to steampunk!
Codename: Spring-heeled Jack (by Uberto Cereoli) In a London ravaged by smoke, the city's own Terror is dragged into what could be his last slaughter!
Scarred (by Carlo Vicenzi) Ultima, the last city, helds a yearly tournament known as the Palio to choose which Quarter of the City will rule the city for one year. This time, the Buffalo and the Molosser Quarters square off, and Buffalo Champion Stefano d'Aica has to deal with opponents both on and off the Arena!
Matrioska (by Fabio Lastrucci) Who reads who? these three stories will keep you guessing where reality lies, if there is one.
The Art of Subtracting (by Pietro Gandolfi) Starving artist Burt has seen his love, Rebecca, leaving him for another man. Now he lives drifting from one beer to the next. But when he is approached by a mysterious artist girl, Misty, greed will become his undoing. Also included are snippets from four full-lenght novels: Umberto Cereoli's Codex Gilgamesh, Carlo Vicenzi's Ultima - City of Quarters, Fabio Lastrucci's Babe Hardy's secret summer and Pietro Gandolfi's William Killed the Radio Star.

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