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A princess who doesn’t want to marry, a dragon who is an embarrassment to his superiors, a family in which Gran is the most open-minded, a magical forest next to the best hairdresser’s in Madrid, a squirrel who makes a full time job out of gossip... Do you think this is a children’s adventure story just like any other? Well, take a step back and think again because Amaranta’s world is unique and once you’ve entered it, you’ll never be the same again!
Amaranta is eight (and a half!) years old – old enough to know that monsters don’t exist. But the thing that jumps out and lands on her face every night when she sleeps... well she knows that THAT’S REAL! Amaranta needs all the help she can get to discover who or what the mysterious intruder is. With the support of her friends and a good dose of courage, she embarks on an adventure in which she soon discovers that what terrified her so much isn’t really so fierce when seen up close. Now a unique and extraordinary creature needs her help to undo the terrible curse he’s under and only their teamwork can break the spell. Can they do it?
Recommended for readers (dragon or human) aged 8 to 100

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