A Stranger In My Window

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Logan is an eccentric millionaire who lives a life without sense, he has everything but nothing satisfies him. Suddenly the life stops already import to him, until the point of thinking about suicide why he has the feeling that his world is not real? He ask without rest. One night an extremely beautiful woman appears at his window, fearing a suicide tries to help her but that he ignores is that she is not human. That beautiful woman is nothing more than a vampire, but Logan is not a normal man, far from intimidated confronts her and get out of their boxes. For some reason that he fails to understand, the vampires forgiven his life in Exchange to be his server, something Logan does not seem well, never been kneeling before a woman unless it was to do something indecent. Gradually begins to know the vampire clan to which she belongs, with a few not takes in getting along, with others keeps the high guard and with their leader feels overwhelmed by a respect that he did not think to process towards anyone. A threat hangs over the city and Logan clearly at a disadvantage for help or survive, undergo a technological experiment that he granted enough power to be able to defend his precious, edge and cold, girl-vampire. Together they will discover the love, a love that keeps a secret that nor can they imagine, a love, which will lead them to the greatest of sacrifices

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