A Bubble Out Of Time

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If it was true we all live more than one life? If we grew up remembering one of our past lives? Mystery and passion blended in a page turner novel!
Katherine, called Kate by everybody, is an Italian American young woman who lives in New York. Many people are sure she has mental issues, her family included. But that’s not true: her distinctive trait is to clearly remember details of her past life, a life she lived in a place far from her birthplace. At thirty five she decides to go back to Joseph, in Wallowa county, Oregon, where she’s sure she had lived. She’s looking for her past, for her soul closed in the body of a past time woman. When she’s forced to stop in Portland because of a snow storm, she meets John and she feels an unexplainable connection with him. He will offer to help her look for traces of the past that doesn’t stop to haunt her. A painting, a kiss, a house and a journal written by herself in the second half of 1800, everything leads to a breath taking revelation saved for an end that has the ability to make this novel unforgettable.

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