Bars Stories

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That is a Barman if he can not tell good stories?, if it is important to prepare good drinks, it is also know good stories to share with their customers, and even more so if they are related to the drinks prepared. This little book tells the story of the creation of the main cocktails, Histories product research every moment that accompanied the creation of the most famous drinks, many are stories passed down from generation to generation, other product of journalistic reviews, I can assure you it is that these stories liven up conversations with customers.
The history of cocktails mostly covered with the veil of mystery, many are cocktails whose authorship is the fight several authors, this makes it very difficult to locate authentic sites and dates of birth of many of these drinks.
However, we will tell you more attached to reality, there will be many drinks with more than one story, no matter what you create or that you like more, it is important to know the origin of each, and you can share with your clients or friends.
This work is organized, starting with the most popular, will provide the story of its creation, the original recipe, its variants, and some other curious fact that complements the pleasant know each drink.
This work should be part of the library of every Barman, both professionals and students, or amateur, who are entering the great world of mixology.

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