Eleanor Xander And The Awakening Of The Power

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What would happen if a contemporary New York girl discovered she was a witch? Eleanor is 16 years old, lives with her grandmother and is an orphan. Life is normal, when one morning...  Xander and her friends enter a world without rules or limits, travelling across continents, from India to Sweden, from South Africa to the pyramids of Bosnia, from ancient Antarctica to the Hamptons of today. They find themselves overwhelmed by their passions, loves, envy and struggle for survival against ruthless demons and sorcerers. Far from the daily life of school, cheerleaders and athletes, Eleanor and her friends find themselves in a mystical and spiritual New York, where Woodlawn Cemetery, Hart Island and China Town reveal their deepest secrets.  The mysteries, buried by time, are revealed through archaeology, while the pyramids of Kruger Park and those of Bosnia give off their power. Ancient Gods blend with the Creepy pasta, Tarots, New Orleans voodoo and every type of belief to create a universe in which everything is possible... 

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