Crazy Heart

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John Bloom is one of the most renowned lawyers in the office where he works. Young and fun has only one problem: enjoying life and women without falling in love.
Owner of piercing eyes and a singular charm, he doesn’t waste time. If the woman is beautiful he invests in the conquest and then leaves her.
He is honest with them. John doesn’t fool them, but his lush charm is passionate, and so he spends time destroying hearts all over the city.
Kiera Collins always fought for what she wanted. A young lawyer full of plans in the area she had chosen to work for: a criminalist. She fights impunity by trying to guarantee fundamental rights for all.
She believes in justice.
A woman of a strong personality, she is petulant and courageous. Everything would be perfect in her life, if her heart was open to new experiences of love.
She believes in the Prince Charming, but she won’t allow anyone into her heart. After all, there are things more important than men to think about.
Two totally opposite people will meet in London, the capital and they will make sure it will be like gasoline on the fire: flammable and hot.
But will she let John win her heart? Or she will allow herself to live a romance with someone else ... Really?
Will he let himself feel something new in his life with Kiera?
Will this mad passion break the metal walls of the young lawyer's heart? Will this love survive the danger of their professions?
Whatever the answer, Kiera will need to take care not only of her heart but also of her life.

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