Busted By the Canine Cop

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Stopped by the K-9 Cop, I wasn’t forced to do what the beast ordered me to. I could’ve paid my fine like a good citizen. But I chose not to. The massive, muscular animal had his way with me and gave me exactly what I had never known I needed. What even my boyfriend couldn’t give me. Excerpt: I yelped as I was slammed into hard concrete. A large dog stood over me, his lips peeled back exposing his gleaming fangs. "What is your name, citizen?" The voice of the canine snarled as I attempted to catch my breath. "Linda," I managed to gasp as I rolled over and looked into his burning, lust-filled eyes. "How old are you?" He snapped, his fangs inches from my throat. "I'm 18-years old, almost 19." I told him, trembling like a frightened puppy about to be whipped. "You stole a bracelet and you must pay for it." He growled, glaring me in the eyes as my heart thundered in my ears. An strange emotion shot through me, one I only have when around a real alpha male. I couldn't understand it. He was a dog! Did I have the hots for a dog? B&N Stopped by the K-9 Cop, I was forced to do what the beast ordered me to. I didn’t have a choice. There was no way I could pay that exorbitant fine. There was another option, however… I had to let the large German Shepherd force me to the ground and rape me until my cunt was overflowing with his delicious doggy seed. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. I was, however, a bit curious… Excerpt: Licking my ruby lips, I reached for his red-hot cock that strained to reach my outstretched fingers. It was so long and thick and that excited me to no end. I'd always loved big cocks and this was the biggest I'd ever seen. I licked the tip of his dick and then sucked it into my mouth. It was the weirdest sensation. Slowly, I went down his shaft, then back up and loved it when I heard him groan. This encouraged me as I circled his throbbing dick with my tongue. I flick it over his meat pole, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth. With a powerful thrust, he slammed his shaft deep down my throat with such force that it took me completely by surprise. He forced himself down my throat and it felt so hot to be his dog toy. He was so forceful and in control of the situation that my pussy buzzed with sexual lust. I yielded to his mastery, it was too deep inside my being to resist. Feeling my desires rush through me like an inferno, I knew I'd do whatever it took to serve him. I felt my cunt roar for his masterful dick to be plunged into her. Like me, my cunt needed to feel a dominant male in her controlling her completely.

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