The Seduction Gene How To Use Genes To Win At The Seduction Game

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60% of men wish to improve their sex lives, while 50% of women desire the same. The problem is how to do so. Sex is undoubtedly one of the greatest human enigmas. Everything that happens in sexual relationships appears inexplicable: relationships just happen, some people are very sexually attractive, others not so much, passions come and go, infidelity is irresistibly attractive, but short lived. The list of questions is endless…. This book presents an evolutionary focus for sexual relationships based on the fact that all sexual conduct is motivated by the need genes have to reproduce themselves. Humans are platforms for gene reproduction and if we can know what genes want, we can learn how to improve our sex lives. Are you interested in understanding the answers to the following questions? Why doesn’t love last forever? Why are we against unfaithfulness, yet we all practice or fantasize about it? Why is the attraction to be unfaithful so irresistible? Why does romantic love exist? Why do women fall in love with the wrong men? Why is being in love such a magic, sublime state? Why is sex so complicated? Which reproductive strategies differentiate man from woman? Why do women make so many mistakes in choosing? Why does courtship exist? What can women do to choose better? Why does sexual attraction exist? Why is what is sexy for one person not sexy for another? How can we improve our ability to seduce? Why is the penis shaped as it is? What is the foreskin for? Does size matter? How does sexual selection work? Why do men sometimes fall in love at first sight? Why do women need to talk in order to fall in love? Why are women attracted to men who give them diamonds? Buy this book and start to improve your sex life!

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