All the Sad Young Men

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A Shockingly Honest Book! The author of this book is a well-known TV and Hollywood actor, though not a star. Like so many homosexuals, he began life as an average, normal young man repulsed by the very word "homosexual." In Hollywood, he had many women as his lovers, and the movie star he married also had many lovers. It was a sad, gay, crazy world in which the star today is the has-been of tomorrow. As age reached out and touched him, this man, too, felt the fear that clutches everyone who sells a face and a body to the public. He turned to writing, became successful. Alone, lonely, finding no satisfaction with the many women with whom he had affairs, he found himself in a Third Avenue bar one night, being picked up by a young boy. From there on in, he was caught, trapped, in the world of the homosexual, the world of all the sad young men who are neither men nor women, only lost souls.

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