By Sex Possessed

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To create the same pattern of sexual lust in his girlfriend one man tried to educate her to “sex” as he enjoyed it. This required domination, and sexual direction. It was with the utmost care that the man in our story urged his lover on to satisfy his carnal appetites. It was with the utmost care he designed and executed all of his sexual desires, so that she would perform the most bizarre of sexual acts for his pleasure. He calculated that when he'd broken her will down—far enough—she would go to any lengths sexually to satisfy him—thus matching his warped lusts. However, problems developed when he realized he could not stop in his downward sexual descent. For one “sick” pleasure drove him on to find another—and still another, until he was insisting she carry on with other men. At first the idea repelled his well-trained woman, but he convinced her it was essential to her sexual development. And thus the lessons in depravity continued. It was a sorry ending, however, when their sex games were stopped in a most unexpected way.

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