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Mary Ackerson, tired of living and working on the farm, decides to leave everything behind and go to Mars. To Mars? Yes. Don’t think I went mad writing the book. There’s an explanation for everything (there on Mars lives THE man – although she hasn’t met him yet).
Keep reading: Mary will travel to Mars on a mothership (along with other people) to form part of the Stafford Research Company. Once there, Mary will meet James Stafford, the handsome and arrogant heir of the company. Falling in love with him was an unplanned incident. Also, the pleasant and intelligent Mary will discover a very strange mystery that has caused a deep crisis within the Stafford family… What are they worried about?
In LOVE ON MARS, fun is guaranteed. This is an exciting and touching love story, which is surprisingly Martian. Mary Ackerson is a unique main character that inspires confidence, friendliness and love. Besides, the novel includes sex. You couldn’t ask for more! Oh, yes… what about a happy ending? I promise you one!

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