Alia’s Taboo Vow

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Alia doesn’t want to get married. She gave her suitor an impossible task to accomplish before she will accept his proposal. When he meets her deadline, she has no other choice but to marry the king — her own father. She can’t let this taboo union happen, but no one is willing to go against the king to stop it. Adults ONLY! 18+! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Alia stared in horrified disbelief at a dress made of spun gold, a dress made of silver moonbeams, a dress made of shimmering stardust, and a cloak made from the fur of every animal in the kingdom. He’d done it. Father, King Rhys, ruler of Calida, had accomplished the impossible and procured the four items she’d stipulated as her condition for marrying him. Her plan should have worked to deter his advances. It. Should. Have. “No.” She shook her head. Her large nimbus of loose golden curls—the reason she was in this trouble in the first place—bobbed against her face and shoulders. “It can’t be. It just can’t. How?” “Because I am king.” Father laughed maniacally as he waved one of the sparkling dresses at her. His dark-brown skin was flushed. “You thought I couldn’t do it in a month. But I did.” He threw the great cloak at her feet. “You’re mine now.” “No, Father. No.” Alia backed away from this strange man who in no way resembled the one who had raised her. “We cannot.” “I made a promise to your mother on her deathbed to only marry a woman as beautiful as she, with hair as golden as hers. No other fits that description but you. It must be you.” He ran his light-brown gaze over her face and body. “It is. You are the same. The same chestnut skin. The same full breasts. The same round hips that will bear me many heirs.” He licked his lips. “The same…”

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