Surviving Self-Publishing


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ESSENTIAL reading for anyone dreaming of published books. Ava Greene, author of four self-published books, presents sorely-missing information and guidance every independent author can't survive without. She clarifies who might be capable of handling their publishing solo (thus saving money) and who's better off paying for assistance to avoid some of the rigors. She reveals aspects of the business no one wants to talk about, sheds light on misleading hype, outlines the lifestyle to expect, and addresses how ultimate ‘success’ may be determined.

Is self-publishing for you? How hard is it? How much will it cost? Does it pay off? Where do you get your answers? Right here! This fast, fun read will absorb you from page one. It’s well worth the teeny investment to learn SO MUCH MORE. And the book is intentionally low-priced so all can benefit. Take it as gospel and you'll survive!

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