40 Questions of One Role


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A method of questions? A question of method. Alongside any method proposed in this book, the whole system of theatre only makes sense if it is understood creatively, not dogmatically. You can expect to find questions, but not necessarily complete or ready-made answers. Questions should serve as the fundamental key to unlocking potential. The technique to ask questions about a role will enrich actors and directors, leading them to discover the rare, living quality of role, challenging their initial ideas and even causing one's own Perestroika. Take a chance and you will discover an amazing world within the role, full of different puzzles and mysteries, which carry thousands of answers in themselves – sometimes we grasp them in the first few seconds, sometimes never. For author, director and acting pedagogue, Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz, the independent prerogative of the actor as the protagonist of a modern, living, theatre stands in the foreground. 40 Questions of one Role promotes autonomy in the process of creation and within this book, directors and pedagogues alike will find inspiration and support for their own preparation, as well as the rehearsal and teaching process as a whole.

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