An Unexpected Proposal

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What girl does not dream of receiving a once in a lifetime fateful marriage proposal from the man she loves? Realistically every single girl on this earth… Except one. Viola is a lawyer in carrier, whom pays no attention to such little details and considers herself fully satisfied in the life that she leads. But if a sudden event would make her change her mind in spite of what she believes, convincing her that she needs a lonesome ring on her finger in order to be happy? If the proposal that was expected from her historic boyfriend was actually a cruel twist of fate, receiving one from a total stranger who had organized the romantic evening for another women? And if that weren’t enough to turn Viola’s life upside down and her twenty-five year old sister had to also suffer because of the previous complicated events? A story that unfolds between Rome and New York and that is inspired by a true story, tells the unexpected journey of a modern princess.

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