101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer


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Prepare yourself for the ultimate taste treat! Throw aside that diet book and join the hot craze that is deep-frying! 101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer will acquaint you with great recipes for cooking in a deep fryer. The high cooking temperature of deep frying seals in flavor and texture and seals out extra fat, resulting in juicy, succulent meats, crunchy vegetables, and satisfying breads and desserts. In 101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer you are sure to find a recipe that will have you deep frying all the time! Great recipes like: Almond Fried Ice Cream Deep-Fried Twinkies Deep Fried Mars Bars Deep Fryer Italian Zeppole Deep Fryer Sopaipillas Spicy Hot Chicken Bits Cajun Fried Fish Jalapeno Poppers Homemade Potato Chips Crispy Fried Frog Legs Deep-Fried Smelts Deep Fried Chitterlings Deep Fried Cod Deep-Fried Squid Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Apple Fritters/deep Fried Deep Fried Shrimp Balls Warm Springs Fried Bread Rick's on the Bricks Fried Dill Pickles Texas Fried Green Tomatoes and Many More!

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