Robotics: Mechanics, Mathematical Analysis and Control


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This book provides a mathematical introduction to the mechanics and control of robots that can be modeled as kinematic chains. Topics covered include the concept of a robot’s configuration space and degrees of freedom, static grasp analysis, the description of rigid body motions, kinematics of open and closed chain robots, dynamics of open chain robots, and the basics of robot control. The emphasis is not on the latest research trends and technological innovations in robotics, but on learning the fundamental concepts and core principles that underlie robotics as a scientific discipline. The intent is to help the reader acquire a unified set of analytic tools for the modeling and control of robots, together with a reliable physical intuition that recognizes the unique and interdisciplinary nature of robotics. Table of Content: Chapter (1): Preview. Chapter (2): Configuration Space. Chapter (3): Grasp Statics. Chapter (4): Rigid Body Motions. Chapter (5): Forward Kinematics of Open Chain Robots. Chapter (6): Velocity Kinematics and Statics. Chapter (7): Inverse Kinematics of Open Chain Robots. Chapter (8): Kinematics of Closed Chain Robots. Chapter (9): Dynamics of Open Chain Robots. Chapter (10): Robot Control. Background Required: This book is intended as a junior level engineeringbook, and as such employs concepts from linear algebra and differential equations, and the physics of three-dimensional velocities, forces, and moments that one would normally learn in the first two years of a typical science or engineering undergraduate curriculum.

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