CallMaster-Caller identify &Free Recharge

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CallMaster, better than truecaller, your intelligent Communication Assistant. Earn free talktime. Want to identify caller ID, block spam, backup address book,classify massage? Just let CallMaster help you! CallMaster, a free and convenient communication tool, can help you to pick up the right call, get the right message, easily backup your contacts and classify your message, and it is also able to find both public and private phone number for you. Start to have a try! You can easily earn free talktime in promotion. Just download app and run it, and you will get it. Main Features: • Earn Free Talktime It's a great way to discover free Android apps and get rewarded with free talktime in our promotions. • Identify Caller ID Know who's calling you even if you don't have their number in your address book(3G or WIFI is required). • Query Unknown Calls Are you confused whether you should reply to the unknown calls or not? No worries, CallMaster can help you to find the caller information so that you wouldn't miss any important calls. And telephone number of hotels, cinema, tourist attractions can be also found with CallMaster. • Backup Address Book Are you worried about losing your address book when you change a new mobile phone? Just let CallMaster help you! It can easily backup and restore your address book to the Internet, you don’t need to worry about losing important contacts any more! • Block Spam Calls and Message CallMaster can block numbers from spam callers and telemarketers. • Classify Message CallMaster would be your intelligent communication assistant, automatically classify different kinds of message so that you can easily manage your message. • Call Records Call records make you convenient to check your call history. Stranger calls would also be marked. • Privacy Protection With CallMaster, you can use the function of privacy protection so that your call and message history would be kept secret. • No Advertisement CallMaster is free and no advertisement.

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