Fearsome Four

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    Romanzi Rosa, Narrativa Rosa

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A collection of beautifully written paranormal-romance and murder-mystery stories. If you are into vamps, witches, zombies and ghost stories then this would be a must read for you. Behind the grey: Remnants of an ancient clan of witches, decide to resurface after centuries of persecution by an unrelenting enemy. The price of wielding dark magic is great. The witches are afflicted with a blood lust. There are abductions. What has become of the missing?. Other dark creatures of myth start to emerge from the woodwork. They pick an interest in a seemingly ordinary young man. The problem with that is, heaven wants him too. Razor-rection:Random people start to exhibit a strange, dissociative, zombie-like behaviour, as they carry out savage attacks which they have no recollection of perpetrating. Inspector Bullock is tasked with getting to the bottom of these brutal, senseless attacks. Her strained relationship with her daughter seems to be a distracting influence. Will her tempestuous personal life implode on her or will she find a balance and get her job done. Who's afraid of box Valentine: A lady with a string of bad relationships and working the 9 to 5 shifts, doing a crappy job, dies suddenly. There is a cover up. Twenty years pass and a vengeful ghost is awaken by the proverbial Judas coin. It seeks out a hand puppet. People start to die mysterious, inexplicable deaths. Swallow Town becomes a dangerous place to live in. Doll face: A psychopathic killer code named "Doll face," terrorizes a small town. He winds up dead and somehow finds his way back. Years later there are more killings that match his MO. A drunk, messed-up detective Lark, struggles with finding a balance between fending off his personal demons and connecting the dots in the recent string of murder cases. He stumbles into a toxic love triangle that may prove to be fatal.

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