A Guide To Child Safety and Online Dangers

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Online dangers are increasing; therefore, it is essential to protect your child while online. To protect your child from dangers online it is essential to understand these dangers as well as learn the steps in protecting your child. In this report, we are going to provide you information on protecting children and help you to gain insight about the dangers the Internet poses. The dangers online include Cyber Sex, Pornography, Violent Content and Images, Racism, Cyber Stalkers, hatred, bullying, pedophiles, hackers, crackers, viruses and more. The dangers could reach the roof. Emails, instant messages, and online chartrooms are where children frequent online. Children captivated by the way, the Internet enables them to connect with friends. Online resources include educational and entertainment resources that children gravitate towards due to the highly interactive nature of the internet. Some of the other tools that attract children are game rooms, newsgroups, bulletin boards and so forth. The worldwide web has captivated children to a degree sometimes; these children will let their guard down.

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