100% Love: 7 Steps to Scientifically Find the True Love of Your Life

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Love, the topic of thousands of novels for many centuries, as well as one of the most discussed subjects in our society today, is still being widely misunderstood. As the number of single people in world increases, scientists have tried to identify the causes that make anyone fall in love without any success. What they did found were tendencies that this book reorganized in order to lead into a specific path. Love is basically a subjective experience depending foremost on personal assumptions. Nevertheless, if we combine what many experts have found, it's possible to reach a certain number of practical deductions. With this information, we can dramatically increase our chances of finding the ideal partner. With such idea in mind, the steps here presented describe a combination of scientifically proven facts that intend to show the easiest and quickest way to find true love. The informational content is useful for both women and men, as it clarifies the interaction of thoughts and behaviors between both genders, while describing the whole picture of the seduction and dating game leading to fulfilling relationships. This said, it's worth mentioning that, even though a 100% match is always possible, personal decisions dictate the future of any relationship, and they're often too personal to be analyzed, even though we can always understand them, something this book helps doing as well. Love is an experience of self-acknowledgment and it's based on this principle that this book proposes a self-analysis on our attitude towards finding it and believing that it's real.

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