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APOCANGELICA The arrival of the Apocalypse is near. The angels of the Light and the demons of the Darkness struggle to gain a decisive strategic advantage: the “Omega Formula”, whose fragments are spread throughout the minds of seven humans, the “Forgetters”, unaware of being custodians of this mysterious wisdom. If, on appearances, the identification between the Righteous and the Wicked seems spontaneous, in reality the differences are less: the High Commands of the Light and the Darkness maneuver, in tacit agreement, so that nothing disturbs the status quo lasting for countless eons, moving their agents as pawns on a chessboard, sacrificing them without hesitation, in order to keep the illusion of dichtomy alive between Good and Evil. *** Part I “Wild Beasts” In the exhausting race for absolute power, Light and its loose splinter group, the Luminous Inquisition, devastate human lives without mercy. When the factions on field are entirely composed by angels, everyone does not seem to understand who is right or wrong. Switzerland. Ada is the first of the seven Forgetters. She is a fifteen year old girl, locked away in a mental hospital by her parents, as her mental disorders got worse: the Von Hilkeneim’s Asylum. In between psychiatric sessions with a very renowned professional and the imaginary escapes to a primordial earth, The Pangea, Ada falls in love with Efreniel, an Angel who will fight for her, rescuing her life from other angels’ filthy purposes: Stormriel and his crew, who were ordered to kidnap her, to get the most desirable treasure from her mind: the fragment of the “Omega Formula”. The Stormy Manor: Three lads, Jorg, Evi and Kurtz, will be involved in a youth indoctrination program, aimed to form loyal adepts to a reformed movement. The brutality of the training will make them open their eyes to the true nature of the movement, to which they had confidently entrusted their lives. The Castle. In the background of an enormous castle, inhabited by fantastic and monstrous creatures, the stories of Ada, Efreniel, Jorg, Evi, Kurtz and the Stormriel’s hunters intertwine until a dramatic and perturbing epilogue. Part I “Wild Beasts” is a full of action fantasy novel about lost innocence, delusions and redemption. It is the first chapter of five books’ saga, based on the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, where a distinction between the two is not that easy to see, if not even impossible at times.

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